Is IB&MS a college or an institute?
IB&MS is offering various academic courses as a college and rigorously involved in many other activities like Research, Consulting, and Training to all sectors and in all ranges as an institution.

Who is the Chairperson of this institution?

Mr.Hari Prasad Pandey

Who is the CEO/Principal of this Institution?
Dr. Nirmala K.C.

What types of personalities are involved in IB&MS?
Institute of Banking & Management Studies (IB&MS) has been promoted under the initiative of eminent Academicians, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs of the country with the noble motto of "Grooming Professionals" Go to Management Structure 

Who are the faculty members?
Experience, expertise, excellence and research aptitude define our multi-disciplinary faculty members. Dedicated professionals are sourced from varied streams & discipline form our resource panel of visiting faculties. Go to Board of Studies

Is there any system of visiting faculty?
We invite industry leaders as visiting faculties at least once in a month.

Are there any faculty members visiting from abroad?
Visiting faculties from abroad are also invited to enrich the overall learning value of education.

Who are the advisors involved in IB&MS?
An unmatched pool of Academicians, Management Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Economists, Bankers, Insurance Experts, Public Sector Managers and Entrepreneurs of the Country have been supporting IB&MS for the noble cause of “Grooming Professionals” in the capacity of its Advisors. Go to Board of Advisors.

With which university IB&MS is affiliated?
IB&MS has been offering academic programs in affiliation with the following Universities:
(1)    In Institutional Partnership with Bharathiar University, India. Which is NAAC ‘A’ rated 2nd  rank university. Go to Bharathiar University 

What is NAAC Rating? What is the rank of Bharathiar University?

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) was established by the UGC in September 1994 at Bangalore for evaluating the performance of the Universities and Colleges in the Country. NAAC's mandate includes the task of performance evaluation, assessment and accreditation of universities and colleges in the country. The philosophy of NAAC is based on objective and continuous improvement rather than being punitive or judgmental, so that all institutions of higher learning are empowered to maximize their resources, opportunities and capabilities. Assessment is a performance evaluation of an institution and /or its units and is accomplished through a process based on self-study and peer review using defined criteria.

Institutions are graded for each Key Aspect under four categories, viz. A, B, C and D, denoting Very good, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory levels respectively. Among the Above rating Bharatihar University is A Rated University so be a part of better university by joining IB&MS College.


Do the Government and Universities in Nepal recognize these universities?
Both the universities’ courses are approved by government of Nepal and recognized by universities in Nepal.

What is participatory program?

Participatory programme being an ingenious concept developed by Bharathiar University, This program is offered in semester pattern. This program is offered in semester pattern. Participatory Program is more structured and allows learners to learn at their own pace and place. Well established services like direct interaction  with Teacher, mentor,Presentation, Training & Development Field visit, Internships, Counseling and Advising session ensure the quality of Learning Outcome.Students in participatory program are groomed rigoursly and are required participate in each and every activities assigned to him in BBA and MBA program i.e  Presentation, Viva, Attendance, Internal Examination, Research report presentation, Group Discussion & Case Studies.

Difference between Distance and Participatory Program


Participatory Program

Distance Education


Participatory Program is more structured and allows learners to learn at their own pace and place. It is the program which is closely monitor and supervised by the University for maintaining  Quality of the Graduates. Well established services like direct interaction with Teacher, mentor, Presentation, Training & Development Field visit, Internships, Counseling and Advising session ensure the quality of Learning Outcome.

Distance Education is imparted over long distances with the help of modern technology and communication facilities for the students who, for various reasons cannot join the formal education system.

Evaluation System


Percentage System

Examination System

Semester wise examination

Once a year exam

Internal Evaluation System

25 Marks internal evaluation

No internal evaluaiton


Credit Hour of Study Mode:

For colleges and universities that operate on a regular semester system. One credit is equal to 16 hours of class contact time for the semester. This is broken down into hours per week. Thus, a one credit would be one hour of class contact time each week for the length of the semester. After successful completion of the semester, you will have

BBA-172 Credit Hours

MBA- 100 Credit Hours

Placement Cell of Institute of Banking and Management Studies

Institute of Banking and Management Studies has a team of professionals drawn from various industry backgrounds. This team works on building the relationship in the industry to enable multiple level engagements such as Placements, Training, Alliances, and Projects etc. This department concentrates in bringing in top brands in Manufacturing, Information Technology, Automobiles, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail etc. IBMS has tied up with one of the most renowed recruiting agencies of Nepal, Merojob.com., which recruits and also develops quality of our graduates.

Duration of the program:

The MBA program shall have 4 semesters spanning 2 years of study and BBA program shall have 8 semester spanning 4 years of study. (The maximum time period to complte the program is 5 years.)

The maximum credits prescribed for the program shall be 90 inclusive of the project work.

What is CGPA Rating?

CGPA = cumulative grade point average 
The CGPA is the average of grade points obtaind in all subjects excluding additional subjects as per Scheme of studies.

Are there any other Countries having affiliated with BU?
BU has its affiliation with the colleges in  UK, Middle East, India, Singapore and many more countries.

Is there any credit transfer system? 
Yes. It is possible only after second semester of matching programs and courses.

Is internship available?
IB&Ms coordinates for the internship of its students enrolled in the programs offered in institutional partnership with BU.
Internships shall be available in the corporate bodies as well as the research, consulting, auditing and other business of IB&MS College.

Is there a system of Provisional Registration?
Provisional registration facility is available for those students who are waiting results.  Their registration would be subject to satisfactory completion of eligibility requirements.

What about Dress Code of the programs offered by IB&MS?
For Masters program, only formal dress code has been prescribed.

For Bachelors program, a specified uniform has been prescribed. 

Where Examination shall be conducted?
Examination shall be held in Kathmandu.

Who sets the questions? Where examination paper is checked?
Questions come from concerned university and paper shall be sent to concerned university for checking.