Message From Board of Advisors

As a member of Board of Advisors of IB&MS, I feel delighted that IB&MS is going to offer various academic programs in institutional partnership with A Rated State University of India. It is indeed a landmark milestone in the IB&MS's journey of Grooming Elite Professionlas for the Country. As IB&MS strives to be a "Center of Excellence" in all areas of Studies (Viz. Education, Research, Consulting, and Training), it is imperative that IB&MS stands consistently tall in its core values (viz. Incredible, Balanced, Meaningful and Superior.)
I congratulate all the students of IB&MS for choosing the right gateway for the realization of professional goals and hope that IB&MS becomes an instrumental component for the management of transiton between WHO YOU ARE NOW and WHAT WOULD LIKE TO BE
All the Best !

Pradeep Kumar Shrestha
Managing Director,
Panchakanya Group