Message from Principal


Respected Audiences,

Assuming the new role as Chief Executive Officer of Institute of Banking and Management Studies (IBMS), it is my privilege to announce that IB&MS has declared 2013 as a year of”Student’s Glorious Year” to set up a “ Student –Centric and Management Education friendly” atmosphere where the confluence of knowledge, practice, attitude, aptitude and skill will flow to make students able to articulate a package of self-esteem, self-confidence and broad vision to dwell in the critical and complex juncture created by rapid and unexpected changes in many areas of our modern society. We are dedicated to follow a path that significantly subsumes a delicate balance between “Glocalization” and “ Reverse innovation”. In this regard, we intend to nurture our students to have palpable and dynamic learning personality entrenched and nourished through their meaningful engagement in class room, library, academic flora, industry, society and international forum.
We believe upon a ‘value-chain vertical integration’ in education could contribute appreciably to the students and society. Hence, we, since this year, have planned to start “ Montessori to Master’s programme” inculcating a concept of ‘ Fountain to Peak” to optimize synergy effectiveness. This will add more value among students.

We are much more concerned with the development of cognitive, behavioral, physical and societal aspects among students. In this regard, Students’ internal and external exposures matter more. We are committed to escalate these activities in this year and more in coming years. Quarterly journal and monthly wall bulletin are only among few approaches we are going to start soon.
Considering the need for having the proper physical amenities for reducing atmospheric risks for the students, IB&MS is introducing its own transportation and hostel facilities. This will certainly help to pace the speed of learning, inter-personal relationship, self-management, team-work and emotional maturity.

IB&MS College’s students will enjoy with basket ball and tennis courts among other physical fitness arrangements within its own premises. A blend of mental and physical magnification will keep student towards a voyage of oasis.
I am sure this will be a place where” Total Personality Development for 21st Century” is going to take place.
Good Luck
Dr. Nirmala K.C.