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								Sushma GopaliChoosing a well and professionally managed college was a challenging experience for me. I am very much satisfied with the education and services extended by college. Graduate level education demands one of the immense dedication and value from students as well as institution. IB&MS aim to build upon each of the individual strengths to make an exciting experience by providing a very effective support system that prepares student for their next big step…. graduation! So, I recommend it to other students who are willing to come and study here and experience the difference.
Sushma Gopali, IBMS Student

								Rojina RanjitkarMBA Located on the heart of the capital, a pleasant environment enriched by the use of new technology and a framework comparable to many European educational institutions in which I got my education, IB&MS is surely an excellent choice for the students who want to have a professional education adapted to the global job market of our days. This institution is one step forward compared to the most of other institutions in Nepal not only in its pedagogical approach, but also in its vision of holistic development of students’ consciousness. The teaching of French language is undoubtedly a must to open the students towards another culture than English-speaking.
Rojina Ranjitkar, IBMS Faculty

								Sudip ShresthaWith the mirage of multiple internationally affiliated graduate schools in town, I came to choose IB&MS. But seriously, it's the real institution that we need to believe in. I guess only the institution with the real exposure of practical learning approach with IB&MS come with us, you will feel the difference.
Sudip Shrestha, IBMS Student