Tier 3: Key Regular Faculty Members (KRFM)

The Key Regular Faculty Member for a particular subject is responsible to teach the subject entrusted to them remaining within the broad framework, guidelines, and strategies prescribed by the Chief Academic Advisor of the related subject. He is responsible to implement a robust, student friendly, interactive, technology based, and instrumental teaching-learning environment. Such faculties report to the Chief Advisors and through him to the Chief Patron and Chair of Board of Studies. The performance of such faculties shall be reviewed by a team consisting of Principal, related Chief Academic Advisors, and Chief Patron and Chairperson. The KRFM supervises the job carried out by the mentor and co-curricular activities coordinator.

Tier 1: Chief Patron and Co-Patron
Tier 2: Chief Academic Advisors (Department-wise)
Tier 3: Key Regular Faculty Member (KRFM)
Tier 4: Mentor and Co-curricular Activities Coordinator
Tier 5: Senior Visiting Faculty and Guest Lectures
Tier 6: CEO/PrincipalTier 7: Program Coordinators
Tier 8: Mentors and ECA Coordinator
Tier 9: Placement Officers
Tier 10: Program Officers
Tier 11: Resource Center OfficersThe Academic Value Chain of the college has been uniquely designed in 6 tiers as given below:Name
Associate Prof. Ratna Man Dangol
Prof. Govinda Dhakal, Ph.D.
Prof. Bishnu Khanal, Ph.D.
Prof. Sunity Shrestha, Ph.D.
Prof. Tek Nath Dhakal, Ph.D.
Prof. Ratna Raj NiraulaArea of Expertise
Statistics and Research
Quantitative TechniquesRole at the College
Chief Academic Advisor-Finance and Accounts
Chief Academic Advisor-HRM and OB
Chief Academic Advisor- Marketing
Chief Academic Advisor-Statistics, and Research
Chief Academic Advisor-Finance
Chief Academic Advisor-Quantitative Techniques