Tier 4: Mentor and Co-curricular Activities Coordinator (CCA)

Almost all the colleges in Nepal do not have dedecated mentors and co-curricular activities coordinator. Co-curricular activities are activities which are not extra-curricular activities (ECA) and form an integral component of academic activities in that such activities are closely interlinked with the academic activities and complement the academic activities. The examples include case studies, project works, assignments, surveys, researches, simulation, industrial tour etc. They are also responsible for publication of monthly newsletters and quarterly journals. The mentors and the Co-curricular activities coordinator identifies the need of mentoring, and other co-curricular activities and plans and implements the strategies aimed to ensure robust growth in all 5 demensions (Viz. Knowledge, Skill, Attitude, Behavior, and Pesonality). They work closely with the KRFM, related Chief Academic Advisors, Chief Patron and Co-Patron, and the Principal and primarily report to the related KRFM. Currently, we have the following highly geared team acting as Mentors and Co-curricular activities Value Chain Managers:Mr. Bibek LuitelMr. Shiva RegmiMs. Anita ShresthaMs. Roshani K.C.