Tier 5: Senior Visiting Faculty and Guest Lectures

A team consisting of Chief Patron, Co-Patron, related Chief Academic Adviser, and Principal prepare a roaster of Senior Visiting Faculty and Guest Lectures for a each subjects. The senior visiting faculty and guest lectures are expected to share with our students the real job trends, intricacies, cultures, practices, and etiquettes related with the subject under consideration. We are proud to have the following elite highly reputed individuals as our senior visiting faculty and guest lecturersRating
SatisfactoryPerformance Incentive
Excellent cash incentive and certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement for outstanding performance
Good cash incentive and certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement for good performance
Satisfactory cash incentive and certificate of acknowledgementName
Dr. Ishtiaq Jamil                                    
Dr. Amita Singh                                                           
Rameshwore Khanal
Prithvi Raj Legal
Deependra Bikram Thapa
Prof. Bhuvan Bajra Bajracharya
Prof. Purushottam Sharma
Eduward Amman
IT Tech P. Ltd.Area of Expertise
Associate professor at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, Norway.
Professor and Chairperson, Centre for the Study of Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Financial Management, Former Secretary Ministry of Finance
Economist, Former Vice-Chairman, National Planning Commission (NPC)
Public Management, Former Secretary Government of Nepal
Ph. D. (Economics)
Ph.D. (Management), Assistant Dean, Faculty of Management
International Education Consultant
Banglore International Education Consultant The KRFM are entitled to performance incentive as follows based on the rating achieved by them in the semester wise performance evaluation:
In addition to the above senior visiting faculties, we invite various industry leaders and experts as our guest faculty who share their practical job experiences, lessons learned, industry etiquettes and cultures, the gaps between the college graduates credentials and the ground industry requirements, personality grooming tactics, interview skills etc, among others, in addition to the specific area of lecture requested to them.