Unmatched Features

At IB&MS, Excellence is not an option, it is a culture. With this ethos, IB&MS strives to create an environment for Academic Brilliance. All of our faculty members are the best names in the industry. An unmatched pool of Academicians, Management Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Economists, Bankers, Insurance Experts, Public Sector Managers and Entrepreneurs of the Country have been supporting IB&MS for the noble cause of "Grooming Professionals" in the capacity of its Advisors.

IB&MS has adopted all of the following unmatched features "for the first time in Nepal", as tool of an instrumental educational package in order to groom high performing and internationally accredited professionals:


o    International Recognition/Salability/Standards (First time in Nepal, IB&MS offers academic programs in Institutional Partnership with BU which is a State University conferred with prestigious "A" Rating by the National Academic Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India and Second Ranked University)

o    Best Curriculum and Faculty Members (including foreign national as visiting scholars) Scientific Teaching Methodology

o    50% Cognitive Participation, 25% Enlarging Knowledge Through Research and 25% Enhancing Your Skills Through Practical Industry Exposure

o    Use of Intact and Other Modern E-Teaching Methodologies

o    Student Centered Conducive Learning Environment

o    Frequent Corporate Case Studies and Problem Solving Exercises

o    One Laptop for Each Individual

o    100% Multimedia Support and Paperless Studying Environment

o    At Least One Study Tour to a Foreign Country

o    Interaction with Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs at Least Once in a Month

o    Monthly Evaluation of the Progress of Each Individual Against Set Criteria

o    Extensive Grooming, Counseling & Care for each Individual

o    Conducive Environment (State of Arts Class Rooms in Conference Set up)

o    Extensive Extra-Curricular Supplements & Other Overall Personality Development Aids

o    Fully Equipped and Resourceful Library and E-Library

o    Internship/Job Placement Assistance available

o    Student Education Loan Assistance Option Available

o    Scholarship Available

o    CCTV Surveillance

o    Elevator Facility